Vignesh Sekar

Vignesh Sekar has trained over 2800 students across 93 countries with majority of students from United States of America. He has himself graduated from Bachelor's Degree as an All India Rank Holder. Now he is following his passion of teaching students.

Introduction to Operating Systems Academic Course

Learn the basics of Operating Systems as Operating System forms the core of computer science
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One of the best courses I have taken . The instructor is really very knowledgeable and an excellent teacher as the concepts are explained very well
Priyank Jani
Its been a great experience of having learnt Operating Systems from Vignesh Sekar Sir.He explains concepts so well that even a person coming from non IT background can understand with ease and simplicity.The course content is extensive and teaches everything from the ground-up. Congratulations Vignesh Sir!!
Srinivas Goda
The concepts are well explained, easy to understand for anyone even with no background knowledge
Shaun Yong